Heroes and Villains Double Constructed Starter Deck

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This product contains 2 decks, designed to represent the Hero and Villain factions from Final Fantasy Dissidia.  This is perfect for adding to your existing collection with powerful Legends such as Vivi or Genesis, as well as starting up your arsenal if you are a new player to the game!  

Cards included are:

2x 1-048C Devout
2x 1-121C Red Mage
3x 1-124R Odin
2x 1-134R Duke Goltanna
1x 1-137R Seymour
2x 2-041H Doctor Cid
3x 2-098L Amon
1x 3-027R Qator Bashtar
2x 3-032R Shiva
3x 3-033L Genesis
2x 4-148L Shadow Lord
2x 5-028C Arcanist
3x 5-032H Glasya Labolas
2x 5-114C Cannoneer
3x 6-030C Militesi Coeurl
2x 6-087R Edea
3x 6-095R Seifer
3x 7-133S Ultimecia
3x 7-134S The Emporer
3x 7-137S Garland
3x 7-138S Golbez

2x 1-003C Red Mage
2x 1-010C Black Mage
2x 1-023R Brynhildr
2x 1-075C Chocobo
2x 1-088C Archer
2x 2-009R Selphie
2x 2-019R Belias, the Gigas
3x 3-017L Vivi
3x 3-049C Izana
3x 4-064L Fat Chocobo
2x 5-021R Mutsuki
3x 5-024H Luneth
3x 5-052H Arc
1x 5-053R Echo
2x 5-060C Chocobo
2x 5-146H Wol
2x 6-052R Diablos
3x 7-131S Warrior of Light
3x 7-132S Firion
3x 7-135S Cecil
3x 7-136S Y´shtola